Friday, July 5, 2013

Louisa commented on 'Luncheon of the Stars'

Susan - OK - finally - here was the menu:

a bite-sized Salade Nicoise - a cube of seared tuna studded with tiny rolled anchovies, slivers of olives and tomato, and feathery wings of sucrine/mini French Romaine lettuce

a crispy golden tube of brik filled with a rich mixture of langoustine cream and a brunoise of raw langoustine, garnished with oscetra caviar at both ends and topped with a tiny leaf of sucrine filled with a heaping spoonful of caviar

bite-sized bars of foie gras glazed with a cherry gelee on toasted country bread spread with black cherry preserves

lobster "casse-croute" - chunks of Brittany blue lobster in bacon-parmesan cream layered with melted parmesan cheese and spinach agar-agar in a crisp crust of paper-thin, buttery pain de mie

veal sweetbreads fried crisp served with precise roll of the chef's version spaghetti carbonara

fraises des bois vacherin topped with a cylindrical cage of meringue garnished with fluttering gold leaf

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