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Issue #25

December 8, 2013

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Run for the Victory!

There maybe many question flowing through your head right now about the Midterm, like a river on a Sunday night after a big party with lot's of kegs. Well I'll try to explain all I can here in this article to put your mind at ease. First if you're going to be drinking from the river don't do it down stream. Now to the real stuff, who is even running in this midterm? That would be Obito, the Naruto Fan who's Sex Changes; RCPSU, Alphabet Soup; Hunteiria, the Winter Queen; Queen Rebecca, Another Queen; Kevo, That One Guy; and Lewis and Daniel, the Conspiracy Theorist Otaku. There are five seats up this election and only six people who are running, you know what that means! Musical Chairs! Now there are a couple new people running for the Senate, RCPSU and Queen Rebecca both moderately new people to TAR and to TAR politics and then we also have three senators running for re-election, Obito, Hunteiria, and Kevo and then we have Lewis and Daniel. So who will win? Who will get the chair? Who will get Suzuka? Who will win? Who will bite the dust? Who will make the cut? Well these are all questions that only time can tell, except for who get's Suzuka, I know that one and I'm not telling.


Ahahahaha...haha...aha... ha?

Hoi, and thank you for once again reading The Messenger! We here are honored to have been one of the few companies that have been able to remain active and remain apart of your lives for almost a year and a half. This is our 25th Issue of The Messenger and we are proud to say so. We have also published 2 other issues, one of The Messenger's Scout and one of The International Messenger, that's not all long ago there was also The British Messenger and The Danish Messenger, at least we think, we know about TBM. We are glad to have stayed around so long. But that doesn't mean we're set for life! We still need loyal readers, sponsors, and customers. Not only that but having other writers for the paper makes sure that we publish on a more regular bases more often, and you will be paid.

The Messenger is also working on a new special edition of paper, one that will hopefully publish regularly. It is The Messenger's Ranger, this special edition of the paper will be much like The Messenger's Scout which came before it. The Ranger, will cost you though it is projected at $50-100 per issue however once the pilot issue is released depending on the out come, subscriptions will be available. Meaning the success and the continuation of The Ranger will all depend on you. The Ranger will include special articles that will only be available in the issue.

The Messenger is also once again bouncing around an idea, The Messenger Postal Service. The idea is that for a base fee and a charge per PM or Telegram sent. An example being - $20 + 1x, x representing the number of telegrams or PMs you want sent. The Messenger doesn't know if it will go through with this and will be looking at this issue's survey to see if it is an idea worth exploring.

3 Responses were given on the last issue's survey, they all seemed to mean that The Messenger is doing good and doing it right. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey and hope that everyone will continue to fill it out, maybe this issue we might get 4!

North Republic Industries has been able to keep it together and keep it going while other companies haven't been doing so well. NRI is always looking for new ventures and new ideas to help improve the company and the market place as a whole. If you want to help NRI please contact CEO Lewis and Daniel. Thank you for your service.



There seems to have been a bumper crop in RPs this season as there are tons of new ones coming out of the wood works, however the one that seems to stand out most and the one that will perhaps keep going longer and stronger than the other ones is the new Modern World RP. In fact it seemed like on day one half of the able population had already signed up and more are still coming in. Now with the MWRP it could very well be that the other RPs could be killed off and forgotten about, like the TAR Civil War that has been slow to start, or the Crescellian Revolution which seems to have hit another snag. But even if that is so at least we will have the MWRP.

The MWRP, revolves around incarnations of the different nations as they being to show how each of them act and how they each have interesting relationships. Oh... I'm sorry, I was thinking of Hetalia. The MWRP revolves around a citizen choosing a country in the world and then RP as that nation as if it was in the real world starting in 2014. The nations then interact as they might in real life, however some people choose to take their nations on a different track then what might happen as they choose different things.

Who knows how long the MWRP will last this time, will it slowly die out or will it go out with someone god modding and people just saying the hell with it. Who really knows? However while it is here again it is sure to be a nice ride at least for now.


Perhaps what it will look like ? :3

That's right you've heard it, or perhaps you haven't, it's alright, I know how it feels to be left out, I mean I've only ever been called by my friends a hand full of times and sometimes they won't even respond to my text and I haven't ever gotten a Christmas card from them .... I think that's another story for another time. Moving on if you haven't heard, Kevo and Queen Rebecca have just announced their engagement with one another and plan to have the wedding at the Church of Northerntal; this also happens to be as Sethanon is starting to show signs of being bi-polar. This will be the second wedding held here in TAR. We don't know what they couple have been up to, so you got it right we got together the old, the test, the tried, The Messenger Following Stalking Team! They've been on leave for a while, partly because one of them happened to fall out of a tree while getting a picture and a couple had to lay low as the police were starting to suspect something, but now they are back and ready to tell you what they found this couple doing .

Our team witnessed the couple head into a local family dinner, where Kevo ordered something, we don't know what since every time it came out he had it sent back to the chef because of something. He should know that doing that makes the chef angry and since it's behind closed doors he don't know what going on with his food. Queen Rebecca decided to order the Wienerschnitzel and was able to finish well before Kevo even got his food ready to eat and once that happened Queen Rebecca was ready to leave, to which they did. The couple then took a nice walk around central park, where they hoped it would be fall, but it turns out it was very cold and there was snow on the ground, followed by hail. Where the couple then ran for shelter, where they ended up happened to be a Love Hotel. However that is as far as we got before the team was run off be the police. I mean a group of guys with sunglasses with Urahara's hat and a trench coat walking around a park and then handing around a love hotel, not suspicious at all. Well that's what we got, you make your decision what happened? What might have happened? What will happen?

We hope to see you at the Church of Northerntal for the wedding.


Hello, Hello, Hello we are once again back for another addition to my favorite section. Remember that the names of the new ones are links to MyAnimeList were you can find more information, Synopsis, reviews, average score, Voice Actors, and more! Also I would be happy to talk about any series or movie that you might want to discuss. Also I have found out about a new anime site. Once again I shall list the names of those I have done. Also Lewis and Daniel is always happy to talk about anime with you. Or if you need to know some anime sites just ask! This time you will also be getting a Summer time edition! Why because with summer coming round you might just have more time to spend watching anime and reading manga not just short ones either. Also we have a couple new anime watching fans out there. We will keep up with these Summertime Editions for a while, while the summer and anime always stay in our heart. This might just be our last summertime edition sadly enough but I might just keep things the same and spice things up and put a couple new things in here. Please know that as we go back and look at some or if I have on my blog, I will be putting a (R) after it to show that I have already done it, it is not apart of the title like (TV) or (2005) might be

Spice and Wolf (R)

Nodame Cantabile

Code Geass

School Rumble

Honey and Clover


Great Teacher Onizuka

Eden of the East

Kimi ni Todoke


Ah My Goddess

Full Metal Panic


Kino's Journey

ef - a tale of memories

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



One Piece

Guin Saga



Glass Mask (2005)


Cowboy Bebop

Angel Beats!

Usagi Drop (R)

Itazura na Kiss


Ouran High School Host Club

Princess Jellyfish


Hanasaku Iroha

Skip Beat!

Kids on the Slope

Eureka Seven

Death Note

Black Lagoon

One Outs

Princess Tutu

Fullmetal Alchemist

Love Hina


Cross Game

Waiting in the Summer


Sword Art Online

Mirai Nikki (TV)

Crest of the Stars

Attack on Titan

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


Tari Tari

Kemono no Souja Erin

1. Gin no Saji --- Also sometimes called Silver Spoon in English. The Story starts off with Hachiken one of our Main Characters (MC). He has had a hard time back home, the pressure of doing good, of getting into a good college, being compared to others, picked on, and just not being able to handle it decides he wants to move as far away from home has possible, his teacher presents him with the opportunity to enroll in an agriculture school, he gladly does so, not entirely knowing what he's getting into. So he's off to being his new life, studying cows and farming.

I was a little reluctant about starting this anime, surprise, however I decided to go for it and because I didn't really have anything else I immediately thought about watching I continued to watch it and I was pretty well surprised by it. The story is unique, this is probably one of the only anime I know that deals with farming and animals in that sense except perhaps Kemono no Souja Erin, which we looked at last issue. In case you didn't know I also grew up and am still around animals, chickens, he had goats once, and pigs a couple of times. So I could relate some what with the anime. The story really started off slow with me, it is a Slice of Life, granted. It took me a couple of episodes to really get into it. While it doesn't have any earth shattering story it is interesting to see how it will continue. Which brings us to the characters, which is a strong place for this anime as well as most other SoL. All of the characters are unique in some ways. We really get to see a lot of different characters. With development we really get to see how Hachiken grows and develops, as he has the most development. Other characters also have a decent deal of development, I would like to see them go into the other characters more in the next season. The music was alright, the best was the ending which was really good, I liked it. The opening was alright, I skipped it most of the time. The voice acting was good, I watched the sub, and the animation was good.

The ending was, well it's kind of hard to explain but pretty much they kind of rapped up somethings and then ended, nothing spectacular or anything or at a really go part maybe. But with another season coming, it really doesn't feel like an ending more like the end of a chapter. Enjoyment is good, it was enjoyable, there are sometimes where you will laugh and everything.

Overall it was a good anime , unique setting, and I'll most likely watch the next season.

2. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha --- sometimes called Maou, but with other anime with maou in it, you know. The story starts off with a run down of the history how humans and demons have been at war and how each side have taken victories and losses, and out of it comes a Hero, which for the entire anime is Hero, he has no other name. He has his party however leaves them as he plans to kill the Maou, or Demon King, himself. Maou is Maou for the entire anime. When he gets there, it turns out that the what you might suspect evil overlord of the entire races of demons turns out to be a female with "useless flesh" but we all know it's not "useless flesh" as it hold men's hopes and dreams! Well Maou wants to end the war by feeding people and wants the Hero for herself, marriage basically. It pretty much goes from there as they do stuff, no not that stuff.

The Story starts off wonderful, it puts up a pretty nice backstory and sets up what should be a wonderful marriage type relationship between Maou and Hero, mouth watering as you hope they explore this wonderful relationship. They set out, however they really never go anywhere major with the relationship between Maou and Hero. Major disappointment right there, I was really hoping for something awesome. As the anime was kind of based on Spice and Wolf, I was looking for something like Lawrence and Holo's relationship but Hero tries to avoid Maou for a good part of the anime. Then another girl, Female Knight comes in. The story has a lot of different themes it tries to go for, it discusses food, farming, social issues, war, peace, demons and humans, trade. As one reviewer says it struggles deciding what it wants to be. The Characters, are good not entirely unique at least in name. With Hero, old man, mage, Maou, Winter King. You know but I didn't really dwell on this too much. They were good, for the most part I liked all of the characters and they were likable. The Character development though, as said I would really have liked to see the Hero and Maou develop their relationship as I really thought it was going to and would like to have seen. There is also development in other characters as they change and learn more. So it's good in parts. The music was good, both the opening and ending as well as the soundtrack were good but I really don't remember then as much as others. The voice acting was good, I watched the sub, and the animation was good.

The ending was, I kind of forget, but it leaves open to a second season that might never come. It wasn't anything really spectacular and I didn't hate it much. So some mixed feelings. The enjoyment is there, it is enjoyable in parts and overall provides entertainment.

Overall the anime was good but it could have developed into something much better and has a lot of holes and places where it could have done better but is still enjoyable.

3. School Rumble --- I didn't really know what else to review so you got this, going back to look at School Rumble.

It opens with a new school year and "I love you" just three little words, but the moment you say them the whole world changes like magic, today I'm going to say them to you. From here school starts and they are placed in their classes, and the Rumble starts from there.

The story, it is a romantic comedy with several love triangles, slice of life, school. It really sets about how to get the girl, or in Tenma's case the boy. They set out on their epic journey of love, and along the way you will be laughing soo hard that you might just need another lung to keep it going. It's wonderful, I mean it's nothing earth shattering. Maybe even at first look to you it might look like any other romantic comedy. But it's wonderful, great and so funny, so very funny. The story does develop some, we aren't left at a constant stand still in life. Though none of the romantic relationships really develop that much, a shame, but hey it's funny. In fact you will probably come up with your own pairings of the characters, ones that probably actually have a shot and not some mindless fantasy. In fact when I watched the anime I had a paring for Harima and when I read the manga I a different pairing for him. Now on the characters, we are let on to so many great unique characters, that are wonderfully likable. Harima is one of my favorite characters in anime. In fact I even for a while based my look off of him at least in facial hair. I would have liked to have done the full look. I also liked Yakumo and all the other characters. Which brings us to development, characters are developed and we learn to love them even more, development isn't great but it is there. Music, the music is wonderful, greatly so. The Opening and the ending are awesome, I love them! In fact I had the opening for my ringtone on my phone for a while and can sing with it okay. The voice acting is great, I watched the English dub and it was wonderful, I mean after that I wouldn't want to watch it subbed. Animation is good, it fits pretty good.

The ending, well for the first season, if alright however with the second and knowing that there really isn't any third season really lets me down, it makes me mad. I mean I could put together an entire list of anime that need a second or third season and this would be on it. The manga, I read 13 volumes and over 200 chapters. wow and I still need to finish the manga which still goes on. I think that it stops at 13 in English print but is available online. The enjoyment is great! So much enjoyment and entrainment to be had, sure it some flaws but the enjoyment is wonderful. You will laugh so much and grow attached to these characters, and there is great rewatch value in it.

Overall your in for a great, fun, enjoyable anime with this one. It will do you good.

Next issue, I will try to look at some Christmas time anime. Maybe look at a movie and a couple series, that maybe have Christmas themes, of stuff. I don't know but keep an eye out. I also looked at Spice and Wolf in my blog a little while ago.


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