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Issue #26

December 22, 2013

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Merry Christmas

It's Christmas time again, the time where people feel with joy and laughter, and are filled with the giving spirit. A time where people come together a time about family and presents, about giving and receiving. Soon it will be Christmas Day and even soon Christmas Eve.

It's where you perhaps rush to bed yet still can't fall asleep, where you try and try to go to sleep, with thoughts of fun and presents rushing in and out of your mind and It's not until just about midnight that you soon with out notice fall into sleeps arms, but not for long as you are soon up with the morning light, with the idea that it's Christmas. Perhaps you live alone in which case you would rush to get dressed and rush over to your parents house or perhaps you don't live alone and this is where you rush to your siblings. Together you creep out into the room with the tree and you are astounded as you gaze upon the multitude of presents in different sizes and shapes and colors. In awe for a moment as you then go to look to see that your stocking that hung by the fireplace is full, you wait on going to check It out as you go to see if Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk and while doing that he left you a note. You read the note and like it, this is where you go to plug in the lights. After this you contemplate with your brother or sister asking them to go and wake up your mother and father, to which they probably said 30 more minutes or an hour. With this you just go and get into your stockings, taking things out one at a time, or perhaps you are the one who pours it all out at once. You take a look at what you got, it's nice. Bubble gum, candy, and other little things. Maybe this year you got a razor because it's about time you start shaving or perhaps you needed more blades. By the time you are done with your stocking your mother has come out, set's up the camera, gets things in order, this is when you head over to sit on the floor in front of your tree, you being filled with joy and great surprise. If you lived alone perhaps this would be the time when you would show up. You wait for your father to get up and for your mother to sit down, almost having to restrain your self and your siblings. Finally your father comes out and your parents sit down. This is where the designated Santa, probably your brother or sister, start to pass out the presents. You getting your first one, you rip it open with pure delight. Loving what you got. One by one all the presents vanish from their wrappings into items of joy. You look over what you have gotten, you pick out one present, unwrap it out of it's casing, ready to start to play with it, which you do until everyone else shows up each with their own presents. One everyone is situated, and perhaps dinner eaten, you now the Santa, start to pass out the presents, setting yours aside. But whatever you do don't move that microwave. Soon all the presents are passed out, you go to opening yours. Seeing all of the stuff you got, perhaps your older brother got you a batman game that you don't really like and your too nice to return it because you'd have to ask for the receipt or where you bought it. So you just smile and set it aside, or perhaps your Aunt made you an ugly sweater, and not those nice sweaters some people say are ugly, like really ugly. Just put it in front of your face as you say you like it and to cover up your face. Soon one by one your family leaves. Soon it's just like it was in the morning. You pick out a present and you play it well into the night, never wanting it to end, but soon sleep takes you and you dream great dreams and when you wake you play again.



You better like it.

I would first like to thank all of you for reading the 26th Issue of The Messenger, just 4 more to go until we hit the great milestone of 30 issues!

Now last week or so I was writing this issue everything was going fine and dandy, and I went to save it on here, everything seemed good. I come back the following day and what is it, gone. That's what it was lost in space! I had to type it all over again, well one article but still, but out of that I was able to promote the issue even more. So here I am writing it again and this time it's going to be published.

Also good news, The Messenger Postal Service is a go, as some of you may very well know. Now you can use The Messenger Postal Service to send out your letters, ads, campaigns, invitations, or anything else by way or Telegram or PM to many people just by giving us the message you want sent out or if you want we can write one up for you. North Republic Industries might also open up it's first Casino for gambling and fun.

We also have an article this issue not written by Lewis and Daniel, great joy, we also got our selves new sponsor Political Edge, thanks!

Also in this issue we will be going over some Christmas time anime! or at least ones that deal with the Christmas spirit. Come and have a blast with us! Have a Jolly good time at our Christmas time Issue!!



Here for you to give you that Edge in your TOUGH ELECTION.

From Campaign Strategy to Platforum Advice, we are HERE FOR YOU.


Written By Chairman Washington

As the Chairman of the Republican Party, it is my job to promote our Party's activity and values through thick and thin, but I could honestly not be more proud to be a Republican than I am right now. About four months ago, I became the Party Chairman of the Republican Party and realized that some things needed to change. We didn't need to change our views on protecting a true Free Market, a transparent government or a limited government, but we did need to update many other core issues in order to become a relevant Party.

For the past few months, the Republican Party has reformed its Party Constitution, upped its recruitment efforts, offered more help to candidates by creating a War Chest and even campaigned with those from other Parties during Presidential Elections. We've realized that not only does our Party need to be reformed, but that our government needs more reforms also.

We've ditched the days where we looked to be isolationists in a region of many beliefs. We decided that it is not our Party's duty to hold a stance on every issue, forcing people to conform or move onto another Party. Understanding and an open Party dialogue have proven to be better options than shutting those that don't agree with us out. We've needed to work on our image as a Party extensively and it has been an honor leading the fight for a Party update.

I believe that the results speak for themselves in the last month, the Republican Party has welcomed six new members into its membership, bumping the total members up to 14 and also making it the largest Political Party of The Allied Republics today. The Republicans hold a majority of the Senate and are even lining themselves up for higher offices. Activity levels have skyrocketed and have been more extensive than the activity levels of other Parties, by voting in Leadership Elections and holding rallies before every Election. We have even added a Hall of Fame, where Republicans that have made an impact on The Allied Republics and our Party can be honored for their time and service.

The best part of this is the fact that this is just the beginning. There is much more to be accomplished and we in the Republican Party welcome the challenge! So if you're interested in joining a Party that is not only active, but hungry, the Republican Party would be the perfect home for you!


.:CRESCELLIA AND OBITO:. - on our vision for the region, #MAKEITHAPPEN


I'll have you know I'm running out of pictures for elections.

The General Elections are here again and they seem more promising than a lotto ticket to the Mega Millions, well actually I'd rather have the lotto ticket, or maybe 5 of them. Anyways this elections are looking good with some very good candidates like we've never seen before, Actually we might have an actual Delegate Election! Not only this but this will be some of the longest campaigning time we've ever had at around 3 weeks before polls will open.

In the Presidential Corner of things running for reelection with Obito as his running mate is Cresecllia both running as Independents! Next we have old timer Free States running with Libertarian Washington one from the Imperial Democratic Party and the other from the Republican Party and last but not least is Kevo running with the new Queen Rebecca, both also from the Republican Party who might be running as Independent. This race is going to be a hard one as an incumbent and the ever popular Free States go head to head with Kevo right there in the other corner trying to swat at their angles. However with the big Republican party cut up into three different tickets it's not hard to wonder if that would lead to their biggest ticket, the FS-LW, loosing vital votes which could help Cres. in the first poll. However if FS is able to get most of his party to vote for him then it would also secure vital votes. In this end this election is up in the air and you can buy your tickets to the fight by going to the NRI Ticket Box.

In the Delegation's Corner is Tatu Rama, who always reminds me of Princess Tutu and Ranma 1/2, running for reelection as a member of the Death to Sanity Party, against him is Robertsonstan with the Republican Party, Obito as an Independent and then Hunteiria as a member of the Imperial Democratic Party. This is a four way race, a boxing match, a Mario cart rumble. Possible problems may be with Rob and Obito both in the Republican Party, though both running as such, could hurt them both, mainly Rob, in splitting vital votes in the election. If Hunt and Tatu are both able to hold most of their party then it would put them in a good spot. This will be a Delegate election for the history books!

Now coming into the Senatorial corner is Aurumaquaria - I, Western Timpetotia - RP, Andune - NGP, Brick Drakan - I, CPSU - IDP, Britarvia - RP, Bacilli - NGP, Harold Thatcher - I, Conserlan - RP. That's a lot of people. Right now the Republican Party hold a Majority in the Senate with the Imperial Democratic Party holding a minority, no other parties in the hold, however with this election it is a strong possibility that the National Grammar Party could get a hold in the Senate as the IDP loosing some of it's members. Also with the Republican Party splitting their vote it could lead to problems, however not too much, but with the RP saying that since Brick and others lost their primary and if they do win will they be listed as RP members? The RP saying you can't be listed as running for the RP but if you win you'll be listed as a RP. AH but whatever the air is heavy with conspiracy and we like taking it and putting it on paper.

That's it for now, it seems like a great election that will be one to remember, it could make a party or it could break a party, but probably not.

ADVERTISEMENT, Recognizing success, Recognising Service.


Hello, Hello, Hello we are once again back for another addition to my favorite section. Remember that the names of the new ones are links to MyAnimeList were you can find more information, Synopsis, reviews, average score, Voice Actors, and more! Also I would be happy to talk about any series or movie that you might want to discuss. Also I have found out about a new anime site. Once again I shall list the names of those I have done. Also Lewis and Daniel is always happy to talk about anime with you. Or if you need to know some anime sites just ask! This time you will also be getting a Summer time edition! Why because with summer coming round you might just have more time to spend watching anime and reading manga not just short ones either. Also we have a couple new anime watching fans out there. We will keep up with these Summertime Editions for a while, while the summer and anime always stay in our heart. This might just be our last summertime edition sadly enough but I might just keep things the same and spice things up and put a couple new things in here. Please know that as we go back and look at some or if I have on my blog, I will be putting a (R) after it to show that I have already done it, it is not apart of the title like (TV) or (2005) might be

Spice and Wolf (R)

Nodame Cantabile

Code Geass

School Rumble (R)

Honey and Clover


Great Teacher Onizuka

Eden of the East

Kimi ni Todoke


Ah My Goddess

Full Metal Panic


Kino's Journey

ef - a tale of memories

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



One Piece

Guin Saga



Glass Mask (2005)


Cowboy Bebop

Angel Beats!

Usagi Drop (R)

Itazura na Kiss


Ouran High School Host Club

Princess Jellyfish


Hanasaku Iroha

Skip Beat!

Kids on the Slope

Eureka Seven

Death Note

Black Lagoon

One Outs

Princess Tutu

Fullmetal Alchemist

Love Hina


Cross Game

Waiting in the Summer


Sword Art Online

Mirai Nikki (TV)

Crest of the Stars

Attack on Titan

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


Tari Tari

Kemono no Souja Erin

Gin no Saji

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

1. Tokyo Godfathers ---- Directed by Satoshi Kon, what better movie, yes it is a movie, is better suited for this Wintertime edition? The Movie starts off with three homeless people on Christmas eve who while searching through the trash find a new born baby, now they set out on a mission to find the baby's parents as they run around Tokyo and run into many different things.

The Story is very good, I loved it, we are given this pretty good story that really grabs you in. If you think this is all going to be dry and serious then you have another thing coming, the movie was hilarious, I can't tell you how many times I paused or went back to see it again or how many times I told someone about it. The story has pretty good pacing, I didn't really feel like it was going too fast or too slow, just right. Something else is the number of plot twists and how well they are done. It's amazing, I mean I didn't count how many there were but there are a lot.

The Characters, Gin, Hana, and Miyuki. All homeless friends who basically live together. They each have a reason why they are homeless and I liked them, not all of you might like them or feel as attached to them as others have been, understandable. The Character development, we really get to see why they are homeless and why they have almost abandoned their past. We get insight into them as we see them come face to face with it. There is good character development but here could have been more. We also don't see too much development in other characters. The music was good, I can't really remember it much, nor do I really remember thinking that it was awesome, but it was good and fit. The voice acting was good, it was subbed and there is not a dub, I don't think. I'm not too sure. The movie was a little hard to find when I watched it I had to go to veoh, I think, download something then watch it. Not the best the best, but it worked and then I just deleted the program afterwards. However right now you can see the movie on Netflix! So that's where I would go, as I will probably be re-watching this move. Another thing is I really think that the movie had more impact and was better because I watched it like Christmas eve or New Years eve the time period when the movie was taking place, so now is a good time to watch it. The Animation wasn't the best I have ever seen but it's good. This was also my first Satoshi Kon movie, if I remember right, he is a good director and I would say unique too.

The ending was good and there was a last second plot twist, it's like boom - credits roll. It's like wow! That being the ending still left you wanting more, wanting to see what happened next wanting it to finish everything out, just all this. A disappointment. The enjoyment was great, I really enjoyed the movie and have even thought about buying it. I have plans to re-watch it pretty soon and like I said you will probably enjoy it more watching it around this time versus in spring or summer. Overall the movie's was great.

2. Ah My Goddess! --- Also known as Aa! Megami-Sama. This one off the first anime I watched when I was going hardcore which was right around this time period also. The Story starts off with Keiichi Morisato who was born under a bad star and who has terrible luck and is used by everyone. He's in college and a member of the Auto Club and lives in the Club dorm that doesn't allow women. One day his club mates leave to go to a party and leave him behind to hold down the fort and do a whole slue of chores, which he does. Finally he waits for a call for one of his buddies after the call he tries to call his buddy I think, however forgets the exact number. He dials and ends up calling the Goddess Help Line, where they will take his call in person. Boom, the goddess Belldandy comes out of his mirror to grant him a single wish. After much talk and though, he just off his mind says that he wants Belldandy to stay with him forever. The Story goes from there.

The Story is good, it isn't highly complex, but it good. It is a Romantic Comedy. It deals with the romance and lives of Keiichi and Belldandy as they now live their lives out together. You could also say that it is slice of life ish, I mean kind of but that might be bit of a stretch. The story can have it's moments when you can get bored, but keep at it. There are two seasons to the main series, an OVA, and a movie, and I think now another season they're doing or something like that. For me I've watch most of what I've said. I'm really hoping for another season to the main series, however watching the movie afterwards really helped me out a lot in terms of some closure, even if the movie was made before the series. The Characters are really good, Belldandy is an amazing character who I might name on of my future children after. Keiichi is also a good character that you come to grow on. There are also many other characters that I like, such as the senpais of the Auto Club and Keiichi's sister not to mention Belldandy's sisters. Character development is good, we really see the characters grow and develop but it is lacking. The music was pretty good, though I was soon into the story and wanting to see what happened next that I skipped the opening most of the time. Belldandy's singing was also good. The Voice acting was pretty good, there is an English dub out, which I watched. The Animation is pretty good, little to no complaints.

The ending of first season, wasn't bad because I knew there was another season, the 2nd season's ending had little to no closure, so I'm really wanting a third season to fill in everything and make everything good. The movie though helped. The enjoyment is great, I thought it was every enjoyable series. Overall it is a nice series, that can touch the heart in this Christmas season.

3. Clannad ---- The Story opens with one of the best first scenes I have ever seen. Tomoya, a delinquent who has few friends, thinks life is dull and isn't too fond of his own. He is walking to school one day, when he encounters a girl, Nagisa, talking to herself. He later responds and the two walk up the hill together. He soon notices her more and more and beings talking to her more and more. That's where it starts and it goes on from there.

The story is wonderful! It has several arcs in the first season that really are great and usually deal with one character. The anime was I believe based off of a dating sim. The story and the anime, will make you laugh your ass of and it will make you tear up, I remember tearing up several times over the first season, sometimes just because it was so beautiful and sad that I couldn't help it, some people have even said that if you don't tear up it shows you have no soul. The story is Romance, Comedy, Drama, and Slice of Life. The romance is pretty good, it really fits all of those genres. It really is a great story. The Characters are amazing as well, we get to see and love and grow close to so many great characters, they are funny, loveable, and so many more things all rolled into one anime. I really liked all of the characters especially Tomoya and Nagsia and Nagisa's mother and father, but I don't think that there was a single character I hated or didn't like. The character development is great! As said before there are several arcs which really focus in on one character and it really gives them more background and time to develop. As we these people grow and change for the better and we get to learn more about them and just everything. The development is really good. The music is wonderful, I loved both the opening and the ending they were great! I loved 'em, some of my favorites, but not only that the soundtrack was good too. The voice acting was wonderful, I watched the English dub and it was great. I haven't seen the Japanese version and I don't really have any plans to. The dub was great. The animation was great, it was very well done, I had very little to no complaints against it.

the ending, well for the first season I had little complaint because I knew there was a second season. The enjoyment for this anime is greatly wonderful, it's highly enjoyable and rewatchable I think. Overall a great anime to make you think and be all Christmasy. It's also one of my favorite anime.


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The Church of Northerntal can fulfill requests such as marriages, funerals, blessings, and etc.

So We hope to see you at Cathedral of the Light here in TAR or one of our other locations.

Thank you

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